8 Home Office Inspirations

On February 10, 2014 by Reporter At Large

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Working from home has a lot of perks: I can work in my pajamas, I save money on gas since my commute is between rooms, and nobody will judge me for eating stinky leftovers for lunch. And while I’m guilty of working from bed on occasion, I feel more productive when I’m sitting in an organized workspace.


Since Matt and I share a home office I can’t style the whole room to my liking but I can decorate my space in a way that encourages some (relaxed) productivity.

Regardless of my love / hate relationship with Pinterest, I had a lot of fun looking through images to find a little home office inspiration. I managed to find 8 home offices that I adore and wold love to create in my space. And apparently they all have two things in common: 1) Mac computers and 2) the color theme:


Home Office Inspiration

I know that my space will never looks quite like these (primarily due to lack of funds and because I doubt Matt would like a gold, ivory, and pink tassel banner) but a girl can dream, right?



How have you decorated your home office / workspace?

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